"This works so well for me I call it my arthritis medicine!"

-O. Scott, 65


"At first I was skeptical about buying some bath salts, especially since they were being sold by a classmate. But, after a lot of persuasion I finally decided to purchase some for my dad since he likes taking baths. I bought a box and put it in the passenger seat and the whole trip home I smelt the aroma floating around my car. By the time I got home I thought I'd try it out just to see if it was really all that. You know, make sure that I got my dad some quality bath salts. I was glad that I tried them, it was after lacrosse practice and after I got out of the tub and laid down I felt really relaxed. I woke up the next day and didn't have any more soreness. I never did get around to giving them to my dad but I was 110% satisfied that I got them."

-A. Tobin, 17


"Being the coordinator for the Ballard Orienteering League I'm always on my feet. I was in need for something that I could use to soak my feet in. I bought a box of Spencer's Bath Salts and decided to use them to soak my feet in. It felt so good that I had to use it in my tub for my body. I've never used a different product before that can match the quality of his bath salts. I would, and have, recommended these salts to all my family and friends." 

-D. Brooks, 21


"Spencer came to volunteer at my party and he was really helpful. After talking with him I found out that he made and sold bath salts that were created by him. That was so fascinating that I had to buy some and try them out. I bought a box and loved it so much that I went back and bought 16 to give out to family and friends. The scent is heavenly!"